A roadmap for sustainable progress

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Doing our part to create a more sustainable world

Our purpose — to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive —歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页?is our commitment to society. We will use our passion and proven expertise in science and innovation to create sustainable solutions for the complex challenges facing our world.

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DuPont Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability framework has three interconnected strategic focus areas: Innovations to Thrive, Sustainable Operations, and People and Well-being. 

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Strong performance across all three dimensions will enable us to boldly embrace our renewed purpose and maximize the impact DuPont science can bring to the world.

Key Sustainability Issues

We worked with customers, suppliers, NGOs and business partners to identify the sustainability issues that offer the greatest opportunity to deliver business value, increase resiliency across our value chains, and enable people and societies to thrive.

These key issues will be addressed through the three dimensions of our sustainability strategy: innovation, operational excellence, community impact and new collaborations with our business partners.

Sustainable Innovation

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Innovation that delivers on price and performance, is safer for people and planet and positively contributes to advancing global environmental and social challenges

Sustainable Innovation
Climate Change

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, improving our energy management processes and increasing our use of renewable energy

Climate Change
Product Safety & Transparency

Managing and disclosing the health, safety and environmental impacts of products for all lifecycle stages

Product Safety & Transparency
Water Stewardship

Understanding and managing water quality and scarcity issues across our global sites

Water Stewardship
Circular Economy

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Redesigning, recycling, reusing and remanufacturing products, components and raw materials to keep them at their highest value use for as long as possible?

Circular Economy
Health, safety, and well-being

Safeguarding and protecting our employees and communities by promoting health, safety and wellness

Health, safety, and well-being
Our Sustainability Roadmap: A Message from Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer
Innovations to Thrive

Right now, we're creating sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing challenges.

We're working with our customers to tackle global challenges? and bring life-enhancing solutions to market.

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Sustainable Operations

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Delivering end-to-end world-class performance in safety, resource efficiency and environmental protection.

Operating sustainably goes beyond optimizing our own footprint. We partner with suppliers, customers and other businesses to reduce environmental impacts across the value chain.

People and Well-being

Enabling the health and well-being of people and communities and advance diversity and inclusion in our workforce and beyond.

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Our employees, our communities, and people everywhere deserve to be healthy and safe. We work to make sure both our presence and our products create a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere.

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Sustainability Reporting

Transparency is a vital component of our corporate sustainability strategy. ?Each year, we submit our climate and water performance to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), and make available other documents and certificates that our stakeholders may find useful.

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Position Statements

歪歪漫画-动漫漫画首页Position statements represent DuPont’s informed views and opinions on industry-related issues. They cover a range of topics that reinforce our commitment to sustainable growth and are important to stakeholders.

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